Diversity and inclusion learning opportunities for leaders

CCDI Advancement Solutions are designed to help an organization’s leaders, people managers, human resources and diversity & inclusion staff to acquire the knowledge, skills and strategic diversity and inclusion  awareness they need to lead the organization towards a more inclusive culture and maximize the return on investment for diversity and inclusion.


First, you will participate in a one-hour Learning Needs consultation. The consultation will allow CCDI to understand the strategic diversity and inclusion objectives of your organization and what type of knowledge and skills would help the organization’s leaders advance towards the achievement of said objectives. Based on this assessment, CCDI will recommend the most appropriate advancement solution(s) by topic and audience.

After that, you will work with CCDI to develop a Communication and Evaluation plan that will support the delivery of the advancement solution(s). CCDI will provide you with customizable templates and directions on how to maximize and assess the impact of the advancement solution(s).

Finally, you will provide input to the CCDI project team regarding the advancement solutions (content and format), to ensure that our service aligns not only to your business and learning needs, but also to your branding and internal communication strategy.

Through the process of customizing and delivering the learning solution(s), you will identify an internal project manager, who will be the main contact point for CCDI for anything related to the learning solution(s).


CCDI Advancement Solutions engage audiences within your organization that are key to the success of your diversity and inclusion journey. By providing relevant information and practical suggestions, our Solutions build their commitment and ability to model inclusive behaviors and become advocate for diversity in the workplace. Ultimately, this allows your organizational culture to evolve towards inclusion and your diversity and inclusion strategic objectives to be gradually be achieved.

CCDI Advancement Solutions also provide you with a robust communication and evaluation framework, so you can maximize and accurately measure the impact of the Advancement Solutions on your organization.

You would want to use CCDI Advancement Solutions if:

  • You want to develop a progressive organization-wide diversity and inclusion education plan for your organization
  • You want to ensure that your Leadership and key diversity and inclusion stakeholders (i.e. HR, people managers) are committed to become advocate for diversity and inclusion and models for inclusive behaviors within your organization
  • You need help in assessing what support your leaders need and what would most benefit your organization
  • You need a solution that comes with communication and evaluation support, so you can maximize and accurately measure the impact of your investment in learning.